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About Us

Imagine having a versatile sauce that can be used on anything and everything that you cook… Look no further than Saucy D’s Original sauce and rub! Rumored to be the last sauce and rub you’ll ever need in your kitchen, Saucy D’s line of products are easy to use for every chef’s skill level and pairs great with all grilled meats, fishes and vegetables. Gone are the times that you have a pantry full of spices you don’t even use!

Our founder is Chef Donald- best known as Chef D. He is a Los Angeles-based chef hailing from Southeast Washington DC with a lifelong passion and experience as a celebrity chef and culinary entrepreneur. He was a former executive chef for the Washington Redskins who opened 8th Notch- a LA based restaurant serving world renowned southern style comfort food. The Covid pandemic allowed Chef D to pivot his business and inspired him to create his own line of spices and sauces— which brought the birth of Saucy D’s!

Chef D has taken over the Los Angeles’s food scene by storm and looks forward to sharing his passion for cooking with each and everyone of you! We welcome you to try the Saucy D’s original sauce and rub today… You tummy won’t be disappointed!