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Saucy D’s is soo good. I think to date this is 100% my favourite sauce and I have tried them all from. If you try it for yourself you’ll see!

David Mitchell

Delicious sauce that is so versatile. It’s great for steaks and for burgers on the barbecue. I even love it on a sandwich! It’s a great dip too! Great amount in these bottles too!

Aaron Seymour

Surprisingly good! I didn’t think that I was going to like it but it was a huge hit! A little goes a long way but we did slather this on almost everything on the grill. It had a great flavour for sure! I reccommend!

Oliver Linden

My girlfriend loves this. I prefer a different brand but this is her go too. She loves the Smokey flavor and the kick it has. I enjoy it’s taste too when I’m looking for something a little spicier than the one i choose.

Michael Taylor

I love this sauce! It is fantastic on everything from chicken to bbq. I usually like to grill chicken with this sauce to make it extra tasty. Its very flavorful and makes everything taste super good. This is also good with chicken tenders. Love it! Will buy again and I recommend

Roy Phillips

Enjoying a delicious barbecue meal with this tasty seasoning is one of the best in the market! makes my recipes so juicy, the flavor is awesome! I never can get wrong when I use this special seasoning to make my food taste so good i use this for chicken, pork or beef and always works amazing in all my meats my family and I truly enjoy this flavor.

Glenn Simms